Monthly Archives: August 2013

Are Larger Breasts Right for You

My girlfriend and I have been discussing whether or not she should seek our breast enhancement services. It’s not a topic that I’m entirely comfortable with; as a man, it is in my nature to enjoy larger, rounder breasts. However, regardless of her own breast size I am very happy with her appearance and always have been. I don’t ever encourage her to change the way she looks but I do recognize that she has not always been happy with her own appearance. She began to look into breast enhancement cream in hopes that it might help her attain what she has been after for quite some time now; larger breasts. When she approaches me about this, it’s difficult for me to answer. I’m not her but I do love her and I want her to be happy. If she feels that she would be happier with larger breasts, I tell her, she should look into it but she should know I love her for the way she is.

It’s not easy to tell someone something like that.

Life in the Rural Country

I never thought that I would be the type of person that would want to live in the rural country. Granted, I grew up in the suburbs and loved to go to the shore with other people to vacation during the summer, but I never wanted to go to the country to relax. That all changed when we found out that my aunt left me her farm house and land in the middle of nowhere. We knew that we had to find rural high speed internet providers in order to get internet out by where we were going to live. There were definitely no modern technologies available where we were going to have our summer home, but we knew that we needed to get it into the house the weeks that we were going to spend there.