Monthly Archives: October 2015

A Special Invoice for the Customers

Rather than using a standard invoice, I use a blank invoice and edit it with a photo editing program. I jazz it up with all kinds of funny designs to make the invoice have more personality than the normal one. This invoice goes out to all my customers when I mail it to them each month. The invoice is for my digital wireless service. I run a business that provides wireless access to people that can’t normally afford it from the other high priced competitors that are on the market. I give the customers a special device that they can set up in their home, and it connects to the network.

Since my business is a smaller one than the major ones that offer wireless access, I have to give the customers a data cap to make sure that they don’t use all of the available bandwidth. I hate that I have to do this, but it’s the only way I can keep the business going. Mostly everyone, except for a few cases, never exceeds the cap. On the bright side, I am able to offer the customers higher speeds than most other competitors, and at lower prices.

Some customers use the invoice to pay their bill by sending it in the mail. It is generally the older customers who use this method for payment. Most of the younger customers make their payments online by setting up an automatic payment plan. Some customers have even elected to go paperless with their invoices. For these cases, I send a PDF file to the customers that has a copy of the invoice, along with all of the decorations that would have gone on it if it were printed on actual paper. If you’re going to have a document for your personal records, it might as well look good.