Monthly Archives: December 2016

The Patio and Sunroom Are Bonuses

When I started looking at apartments near Stockbridge GA, I was mostly just concerned with finding a nice apartment. I didn’t care what the community amenities were because I knew that I would not be taking advantage of them. I have a social phobia, so I knew that I would spend the majority of my time in my apartment. I am a home based medical transcriber, so I can work from the safety of my own home. I wanted to make sure that the new apartment that I picked out was nice since I would be spending the majority of my time within it.

When I saw the floor plan for the one bedroom units, I knew that I wanted to have it for myself. I knew that it would always only be me in my apartment, so I didn’t need anything more than a one bedroom and one bathroom unit. Just because I have a social phobia does not mean that I don’t like nice things though, so I was happy to see that the closet in the bedroom is a huge wawlk in closet. The bathroom is right next to the bedroom too. Continue reading