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Our First Apartment is Much Nicer Than We Ever Expected

I have worked since I was 15. My wife actually started working part time on a farm when she was 14. She did menial jobs to earn money for school clothes and things like that. Her uncle owned the farm, and just gave her money for doing chores when she could get ride out to the farm. Neither one of us was foolish with credit, and we saved as much as we could. When we were going to get married, we searched for nice affordable apartments for rent in Taylorsville Utah. We needed to stay close to family. Our parents on both sides still needed help with things as some chronic health conditions had affected both of my parents and her dad. Continue reading

Out from Under the Parents

After coming out of college, I wanted to be on my own, like most adults my age. I looked for apartments for rent in Topeka KS and found one that would be my new home. My parents wanted me to stay a little bit longer, which I found a little odd. Most parents can’t wait to see their kids move out of the home, especially when they get to that college age. I guess it’s because I’m their only child, and the house would seem empty without me inside, but I had to leave eventually, and for them, it came sooner than they wanted it to be. I can still visit them anytime I want, because I live pretty close to them.

My parents helped me move into the apartment, although they couldn’t really lift all of the heavy things because they’re much older than me. They mostly moved the things that could be carried by one person. I handled the heavier things like the furniture and the television. Continue reading

Moving to Missouri Was Tough for Me, but It Really is Working out

I did not want to sell our home and move to Missouri. However, I have always been a little slow to make a jump into something new. My wife and I dated for a few years before I proposed. She has a lot of patience to put up with me. I cannot even pick a restaurant if you give me more than two choices. I am doing better now that I am a few years older, but choosing from the apartments for rent in Parkville was actually kind of easy. Now there were a lot of choices, and we decided on The Links at Parkville.

Brick buildings, huge fitness studio, walk-in shower, big rooms, fireplace and a really nice balcony are just a few of the amenities we have now. We are liking our choice. Yes, I had a hard time giving up our house, but we wanted more in our living space as far as amenities go, and we were moving for a better job. You need to go where the income opportunities are at for your education, and we found great jobs in Missouri that paid a whole lot more than what we were earning. Continue reading

It Was an Easy Decision to Move Here

I work from home, and sometimes those hours can be quite long. That is why I wanted to find a new apartment to move to. I had been living in one that was too remote for my needs. I did not want to spend a half hour getting to my favorite stores to shop at, and I did not want to have only one mediocre pizza place to order from on the nights where I was too busy to cook my own dinner. I started at the top of my list by looking at West Midtown Atlanta luxury apartments.

Money really is not a concern for me because I make a decent living, plus I have a good bit saved up in the bank. I was not going to move to a luxury apartment just for the sake of living in one though. Continue reading

The Best Place We Have Ever Lived

My husband and I both work from home. When we started looking at Alamo Heights apartments for rent, we decided to look for a two bedroom unit. We had always just set up work in our dining room since we usually ate in the living room, but I decided that I wanted to have a dedicated work space in our new home. When we would leave our computers at the dining room table, it was just too easy to slip back into work mode when we were supposed to be done for the day.

I wanted to make this move about us too, rather than just finding a new place to live. I wanted us to start reclaiming part of our lives back, because work had really started to consume both of us. I looked at a nice two bedroom apartment in San Antonio, and I was really impressed with what I saw there. Continue reading