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Beautiful Cakes for the Average Person

For the most part, I can bake a cake, except in those instances where I over mix the batter and the cake comes out stiff. I’ve done that with pound cake many times and the cake was more like cornbread. When it came to actually decorating a cake, I was no good at all. Even putting a simple layer of store bought frosting on a cake turned into a mess for me. I looked at all of the fancy cakes that sit in the store shelves and wanted to have the same skills. A Keikos Cake review showed me that I could also have those same kinds of decorating abilities.

The whole point behind the guide in the review was showing the average person how to make cakes like a seasoned expert. Through a series of videos and a book, it aimed to give people a foundation for baking, and expand on that by showing them neat techniques that could turn their baking creations into works of art that people would find amazing. I purchased some decorating ingredients from the store and a couple of cakes to practice on. I wanted to jump in as fast as possible, so I eliminated the need for baking time with the store cakes.

I started with something simple for my first lesson. I went with a white frosting and spread it on the outside of the cake, one layer at a time. A mistake that I had been making for years is that I had been spreading frosting on my cakes while they were still warm. When the cakes don’t have enough time to cool off, spreading frosting on them causes them to crumble. I added some peaks to the center of the top layer of the cake, and used a frosting tip to add some decorations to the sides.

From Idea to Market Item

The hype behind the fidget spinner toy lead to me wanting to make a popular toy of my own. I came up with some designs on my computer and printed the first toy out on a 3D printer that I built in my garage a few months ago. To test the toy, I gave it to my little niece to play with, and she loved it. In order to get people to buy the toy, I used lead generation by MCM Digital, because they were one of the best places to get marketing done in the area. I knew nothing about marketing, so it was a smart move on my part to let some of the professionals handle it, rather than bungle the whole thing myself and have the product fail miserably.

The marketing company came up with some ads that might hold my interest and everyone else. I put the ones that I liked into a pile and the ones that I didn’t care for into another. Continue reading