Facilitating an Easy Move for a Newlywed Couple

My friend is getting married next year. I’m really excited for him! He will be moving out of his parents’ home and into a large house with his future wife. He asked me to help him move, because he has a lot of belongings. I told him he should just hire Singapore movers and have them do all of the work for him. He said that was a great idea, and decided to research the possibility. After speaking with them, he decided to move forward and schedule the moving company to help. I’m glad I was able to give him that idea. Now I can still help him out around the house with any home improvement projects he may have.

For example, he wants to replace the deck in his new home before moving in. The deck is really old and is missing some board. I told him that I’d be more than happy to help him out. I used to be a carpenter, so this sort of thing is right up my alley. I think it will probably take us about two days, so I’ve already requested the time off of work to be able to help him. We’ll have the lumber delivered, and then we’ll be ready to get to work.

Since we’ll be working outside, the moving company should be able to do all of the work they need to do inside without us obstructing them. It’s great that both things can be done simultaneously. It will save us a lot of time and frustration. After finishing the deck, I’ll help him with the landscaping of his front yard. We will be adding a few plants and trees so that the area really pops with color. It’s my dream to come home to a house that looks really inviting from the outside. It makes a really good impression to visitors, and makes them feel at home.