Increasing Visitors Numbers with Social Bookmarks

images-banners: Social Bookmarking IconsI opened a website a few months ago, but it wasn’t getting much traffic, which was a shock to me. I thought that a website full of games would get a lot of people who want to play them, but apparently it’s not as easy as it sounds. I needed to do something to get more people to notice my website, and SEO seemed like the best option, since it creates higher search engine rankings. I heard about an interesting social bookmark service that could be used for SEO purposes.

Apparently social bookmarks help create back links for websites, which draw more people to them. That was exactly what I needed, so I contacted the service and asked them to help me with my website. They were very eager to help and used some techniques to make my website more noticeable.

I tracked the amount of visitors to my website over the following weeks, and the number of visitors continued to rise each day. Every day, I would receive and average of 500 visitors in the first month.