Instant Intranet Builder

• Build and maintain pages easily using fill in the blank templates
• Highly professional Templates are built-in and Custom Designs are easy to incorporate. Custom templates, built to our customer’s specifications are often supplied with IIB

– Just select a document to make the document available from an Intranet page

– Explorer type site management
– Document management
– User security assignment
– Easy page access

– Make links to other IIB Intranet pages with a click, or link to any URL. Copy links, maintain site links globally or have predefined navigation links built-in to templates.

– Pages can be created and published immediately to the Intranet or Pre-publication
– Approval can be required if desired

– Edit rights can be granted to Webs, Groups of pages or to individual pages

– Reports are provided on all linked documents including a document owner and review date
– Automatic notification of document review dates can be enabled

– An available IIB module, Form Builder lets you build forms for data input , request
submittals, etc. and link to forms from Intranet pages

– IIB has an available calendar module which lets you link to calendars for conference
rooms, resources, technicians, etc.

– Link to discussion forums for projects, a buy sell market, as a suggestion board, etc.
An available IIB module

• IIB makes it possible to move Intranet maintenance to end users, and staff personnel
• A library of images is provided to get you started on great looking web pages. You can also use any graphics and images that you have access to, or create, for use on your Intranet

– Add a built-in search to pages. Search IIB content or optionally add search for
selected directories and related web pages.

– Add marques to IIB pages and update content easily

– Templates built in to IIB to add variety and power to your Intranet

– Easily build an employee contact page and add any of dozens of built in fields of data

– An available IIB module to provide Chat functionality from IIB pages

– Soon to be released – add personal Intranet pages for each user – push information to
these pages

– Track project tasks items, assignment, completion date, reports

– Track IT work requests, assignment, completions, reports

– Provide “child links” as part of your Intranet template navigation

– Can optionally setup to automatically move linked documents to a secure directory