Intranets Overview

– Communication Knowledge Management
– Share & Publish Documents Collaboration
– Disseminate Policies and Procedures
– Share Information Present Data Analysis
– Data Access and Data Input Training

What are the benefits of an Intranet for your organization? What are some of the uses for an Intranet? This page provides resources for researching Intranet use, justification, successes and myths.

Excerpts from an article located at:

“How much time do your employees spend answering routinely asked questions ? Want to cut down the time ? Put the information on an Intranet. Don’t just put it out there, refer all your callers to your Intranet. For ex. before a helpline answers the phone play a short recorded message saying “For routine questions check our pages on the Intranet.”

“Do your employees spend time chasing paper ? Trying to hunt down paper forms, reports, documents, microfilm ? Consider converting these documents to electronic formats using scanners, OCR software or other means. Provide a search interface to these documents using your Intranet. Once users know how easily accessible these documents are …, they will prefer the faster solution. Result? You save time.”

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“There’s no question that corporate Intranets have heated up from a simmer to a boil…. increasingly companies are choosing to use their Intranets as the network over which they run mission critical applications. Today, Intranets help companies streamline and automate internal business procedures. If employees can take care of their own HR needs, for example, then the company needs fewer HR employees. Those resources can be spent on sales, marketing, and product development…”

With all of these activities readily available via an Intranet, access is booming. Importance in the corporate workplace is paralleled by an increasing pressure to keep these Web-based systems well managed.”

(This is a generic Intranet application case study – for specific IIB case studies visit Case Histories)
The Human Relations (HR) Intranet at Microsoft Corporation makes an interesting case study, providing an insight into documented Intranet benefits. The full document, which is excerpted below, is located at:

“Our goal with a HR Intranet is to provide excellent customer service to Microsoft employees, so that they can focus on getting their jobs done,” says Kimberly Mecham, Product Manager for HR Operations. “They need easy access to information, and they need to be able to get that information from anywhere at anytime.”

… an Intranet site that ..provides.. information and enrollment for stock options, employee stock purchase discounts, and a 401K retirement-savings plan, as well as absence reporting. In addition, ..a wide variety of .. publications, including the employee handbook, a weekly newsletter, .. commuting options, vacation travel packages, tuition assistance, and community-volunteer opportunities.
HR Web is available seven days a week, 24 hours a day, so employees can access information and forms from any location – at home, while traveling, or at work – when they need it. This flexibility frees them up from having to be in the office to fill out paper forms. The environment is personalized and secure. Since its inception, HR Web has saved Microsoft over $1 million a year and eliminated over 200 paper forms.”