Just Finished Building My New Computer

I just got my new computer put together and now I am trying to get all of my stuff off of the old one and in the new one. Some of that stuff is pretty easy. For example I just looked in options – security for my password to my hotmail.com sign in and the user name. I wrote it all down and then I began to send myself a bunch of emails with all of the rest of the stuff that I needed which I could find. There are quite a few things which are not that simple to figure out. I have a bunch of software on my old computer, some of which is not compatible with Windows 10. Some of it I can not find the license to, so there is not any real way to figure out how to get it to install on my new computer. Some of it I still have the CD and so it is not any problem. Of course some times I have the CD, but I do not have the sleeve which has the code on it.

The computer was really inexpensive to put together. I got this guy at work to help me out, but he only did the part that made me nervous. I bought all of the components that I needed on the internet. I took the computer case, the CPU and the motherboard into the office and he installed them for me. I sat and watched and he taught me how to do it, but that is all quite tricky and if you do not know what you are doing you can mess it up. Putting the rest of it together was not really that big of a deal. The only problem is that my fingers are big and the spaces are tight.