Making It Possible for My Kids to Enjoy the Creek

I found some great inflatable boats when I was trying to find my kids something for the creek that we live by. They are always begging to go out canoeing, but I honestly had no way to transport a canoe anywhere. So, after I explained that to them for the one-hundredth time, they suggested that we look into inflatable boats. This way, they could inflate the boat, get on the creek right by the house and let the air out of the boat when they got to where I would pick them up.

I thought long and hard about whether or not to get one because I knew that it would mean that they would be out on the creek by themselves as often as I would allow. It would be something that they would constantly nag me to do and I would have to allow it or face the wrath of teenage boys when I said no.

When I found that they are as affordable for me as they are, I decided to go ahead and buy one for them.