Moved out and Getting a Good Lawyer

After I found out my wife was seeing another man I called an irvine divorce attorney. I had my suspicions for a while. She would come home late most nights and she stopped making time to meet me for lunch. She always claimed it was work but she seemed to keep growing more distant. Finally I checked her phone. I had asked her to meet for lunch but she said she was too busy with work for lunch. Well her schedule in her phone said she was having lunch with Z.

I took my colleague to lunch that day across from where she likes to eat and waited. She ate lunch with a man and they looked to close to just be work colleagues. I waited with my friend till they came out then I confronted them. She tried to claim it wasn’t what it looked like but I knew better. I punched the man as he tried to mouth off to me but then my friend held me back.

That night I moved out and I no longer talk to her and I called the lawyer.