Moving to Missouri Was Tough for Me, but It Really is Working out

I did not want to sell our home and move to Missouri. However, I have always been a little slow to make a jump into something new. My wife and I dated for a few years before I proposed. She has a lot of patience to put up with me. I cannot even pick a restaurant if you give me more than two choices. I am doing better now that I am a few years older, but choosing from the apartments for rent in Parkville was actually kind of easy. Now there were a lot of choices, and we decided on The Links at Parkville.

Brick buildings, huge fitness studio, walk-in shower, big rooms, fireplace and a really nice balcony are just a few of the amenities we have now. We are liking our choice. Yes, I had a hard time giving up our house, but we wanted more in our living space as far as amenities go, and we were moving for a better job. You need to go where the income opportunities are at for your education, and we found great jobs in Missouri that paid a whole lot more than what we were earning. We did not want to buy another house. We wanted to take our gains on the real estate sale and invest them in our retirement. The lease for our apartment was very affordable compared to the total we were paying on our home with the mortgage, taxes, insurance and upkeep.

Our family and friends told us we would not like apartment living. They were wrong. We took to it right away. I am glad to not have any grass to mow, and the only flowers we plant are in the planters on our balcony. The time saved not keeping up the house is now used to earn some more money on the side and to have more time for golfing.