Our First Apartment is Much Nicer Than We Ever Expected

I have worked since I was 15. My wife actually started working part time on a farm when she was 14. She did menial jobs to earn money for school clothes and things like that. Her uncle owned the farm, and just gave her money for doing chores when she could get ride out to the farm. Neither one of us was foolish with credit, and we saved as much as we could. When we were going to get married, we searched for nice affordable apartments for rent in Taylorsville Utah. We needed to stay close to family. Our parents on both sides still needed help with things as some chronic health conditions had affected both of my parents and her dad.

We found a nice ground floor apartment at Autumn Glen Apartments. This made it easy for our parents to visit as they did not have to climb any stairs. Plus, where we worked was only a few minutes away. It was nice to not have a long commute any longer to work. I used to drive an hour each way. That turned eight hours into 10 every workday. It is nice to have most of those two hours back each day. We were surprised at the affordability of the rent at Autumn Glen. We like it here, and our kitchen with the gray countertops and large island we all gather around is really nice. The white cabinets, and the microwave above the stove is nice. We have a patio and outside storage room too.

The two-bedroom floor plan leaves us room for visiting guests and will be the room of our baby when we decide to start our own family. I really like the wooden plank look of the flooring. It is durable and easy to clean, and it really makes the interior space look much better than wall-to-wall carpeting. I never thought we would have an apartment this nice. I am glad we just didn’t settle for the first place we saw.