Our Trees Needed to Be Pruned

When my children were very little, we all planted trees along the driveway leading up to the house. They were quite impatient to see them grow, and I admit I was too at times. They now have kids of their own, so those trees have taken root and are taller than the house now. Those trees mean so much to us, so we were devastated when lightning hit one of them. We were not sure if we were going to lose the entire tree or not. I contacted a company that does tree pruning in Brooklyn NY to see if they would come out and tell us if we could just have it trimmed or if it needed to be removed.

I know that people can say it is just a tree, but it has so many memories for our family, so we were all holding our breath to see what the person from the tree service would say. When he said that the tree is relatively healthy and could recover from this, we were all so happy. He did end up having to take off several more feet of the tree, but none of us minded because that was better than not having the tree at all.

While he was there, he took a look at the other trees and gave us some suggestions on them. He was very sincere, and we decided to go ahead and have him trim the others as well. The tree that was struck by lightning actually looked really good with the pruned branches, and the others looked like wild cousins or something. We wanted them to look just as good, and he was able to have his crew prune all of the trees in the drive. I had no idea that doing that would make them look as good as they do now!