Out from Under the Parents

After coming out of college, I wanted to be on my own, like most adults my age. I looked for apartments for rent in Topeka KS and found one that would be my new home. My parents wanted me to stay a little bit longer, which I found a little odd. Most parents can’t wait to see their kids move out of the home, especially when they get to that college age. I guess it’s because I’m their only child, and the house would seem empty without me inside, but I had to leave eventually, and for them, it came sooner than they wanted it to be. I can still visit them anytime I want, because I live pretty close to them.

My parents helped me move into the apartment, although they couldn’t really lift all of the heavy things because they’re much older than me. They mostly moved the things that could be carried by one person. I handled the heavier things like the furniture and the television. My father has a truck, so I didn’t have to rent one to carry the things to the apartment. After getting everything inside, I ordered a pizza and we all had a little dinner. My parents drove back home with a slightly sad look on their faces, and I started to unpack.

The first thing I took out was a picture of me and my parents that had a note on it. The note told me to give them a call and to visit them anytime I wanted and that they loved me a lot. My parents are always a little sentimental, so they have no trouble telling me how much they love me. I think I’ll visit them on the weekends so we can have dinner on Sunday. I love it when they cook.