Planning a Wedding in Nashville

At this moment I am trying to figure out how much it will cost to stage a wedding in Nashville. My boss is sort of delegating the work to me since he does not seem to trust his wife and daughter not to go totally overboard with the expenses. Of course I could raise a stink about it, but I get paid the same whether or not I am doing my real job. So far I have been sticking to the basics, like getting quotes from doerman photography which was recommended by one of my best friends. I am pretty sure that I can not do much better on the price without taking a bit of a chance on whether or not the work would get done properly. I just do not know how to pick that sort of service without having someone personally recommend them.

I figure that there are a good number of things that I can not really pick out myself. The bride gets to pick out the wedding dress and I told my boss that he would catch it for the rest of his life if he tried to go cheap on that and other things. I am just going to focus on the venue and the catering myself. Those are things that I can work out a good balance on. Of course I will not get to pick the menu, nor do I want to do that. However I can figure out where it shall be served and who shall prepare the food. The truth is that I am not interested in trying to interpose myself in a family dispute, so I am clearing things with the wife of my boss without really telling him that. She and I figure that I can be the one who takes the fall for cutting costs.