Setting Up a Twitter Wall Display

my zone: Yellowstone Supervolcano 2012If you have recently attended any kind of event hosted by a large business or corporation, you probably saw that they used various types of social media to help promote the event. This is a new trend that is proving to be very effective. Lots of businesses set up a Twitter wall when they host events. They will set up a projector and they will get a Twitter conversation going. The key to making this a success is getting lots of people involved. Sometimes companies get free twitter followers to help with this.

Business owners or the person who is planning this event is going to need to think about some practical things. It is usually a good idea to visit the venue where the event will be held in advance. The person in charge will want to take a look the area where the display will be set up. They will want to make sure that there is proper lighting. If a projector is going to be used, they will want to test this beforehand to be sure that as many people as possible will be able to see it.

Not everyone knows how to use Twitter or how to get involved in a Twitter conversation that is being held at an event. It would be a good idea to set up a laptop right by the display. Have someone in charge of teaching people how to use their cell phones to send text messages and participate in the conversation. Lots of ideas will be exchanged and the display will be a success.

The person who is in charge of setting up this wall should know how to network. This is especially important if there are going to be multiple computers connected to participate in the event. It is possible to build your own Intranet network for this occasion.