Sites with Forecasts and Predictions for Future of Real Estate Market

I am trying to find a large amount of different predictions and forecasts for what people think that the future of the real estate market will look like. I have a lot of money riding on the markets future, and I really would like to find out as much as I can, in order to protect my financial interests to the best of my ability. As such, I welcome all sorts of opinions, and I just came across a “real estate price forecast by rusty solomon” on some site, but I am not able to find out much information about the source of the article.

I just want to figure out what sort of real estate knowledge this person has, so that I can frame their article in my mind better as I am reading it, and that will help me to adjust what I take away from it. I am trying to figure out what people think about the future of the real estate market, but I need to figure out how they form their opinions. I want to know their background in real estate, and what information they are using to justify their opinions.

I have done a little research about Rusty Solomon, the author of the article I just stumbled upon, and it seems that he is a businessman, but I don’t exactly know how he his connected to the real estate industry. I guess I should probably try doing some more research, but maybe I will just go ahead and read this article in order to see what I think. I have glanced at it so far, but I only skimmed a couple of words. I need to resolve this issue one way or another swiftly, so that I can move on and continue my research.