There is Dedicated Hosting in the USA That is Very Affordable

Our little website has really grown in content and traffic. It got overloaded the other day when a new piece of content was posted that went viral. We have been scaling it up as we go along, now we need to move from a shared host to a dedicated one. Our company is firm about using products and services in the United States whenever possible, so we looked for dedicated hosting in the USA. It is not cheaper to use foreign companies for hosting your site. Shared and dedicated hosting in the USA can be found that is very affordable.

We had some code written for our website by a team of college student programmers doing an internship. The code, that operates a portion of our content management system, is proprietary and owned by us. We did not want it running on foreign servers where we may not have any legal recourse in the company who owns the server in the country it would be located. In these times of theft of patents, trademarks and proprietary technologies, you cannot be too careful. The laws here are pretty clear and much more easily enforceable.

Since our company is big about supporting US companies and their employees, there is no way we could have our website on a dedicated foreign server. No, we had to use dedicated hosting in the USA. We stand behind what we say in every way possible. We found a company that provides dedicated hosting with servers that are in the United States that is very affordable to companies like ours. We are in that delicate area of transition from a very small business to one that is having a much bigger national reach. We still have to monitor our spending very closely, and we are still looking for bargains from our US providers.