Update Your Wardrobe with Retro Style

Design tends to be cyclical and although modern clothing is often appealing for many, some have a fondness for styles that used to be popular and it is easier than ever to find clothes that complement the decade of clothing you love the most. Whether looking for something inspired by the roaring 1920s or more of a Breakfast at Tiffany’s look from the 1960s, retro in kleding is available widely online to enhance your wardrobe. These vintage looks can be the inspiration for your clothes as a whole, or they can be fun, unique pieces that you only break out when the mood strikes.

While going with a new and original trend with your wardrobe is possible, it is also easy to go with a more vintage take on things. Retro looks abound online from 1940 Audrey Hepburn looks to Marilyn Monroe inspired 1950s dresses and disco worthy shoes from the 1970s. Pick and choose vintage items or even just go with accessories that you like from those decades. A hat, hair accessory, or a bag, can be great ways to influence a modern look with vintage style. Wheter adding a hair bow, brooch, clutch, or a signature pillbox style hat, some accessories are a nod to their era in the same way bigger pieces, such as a swing dress or pencil skirt, are just with a hint of a style. Just a small infusion of vintage charm can be a great way to play on past eras.

One of the best things about retro kleding are the pops of pattern and colors. From bright yellows and vibrant reds to creamy pinks and blues highlighted with polka dots and stripes, there is a lot of fun to be had when coming up with retro styles. Fashion is meant to be fun, if there is an era that you wish you could have been in just to wear the clothes, there is nothing stopping you from endulging in that fantasy a bit now.